Saturday, May 26, 2012

Facebook Page is Up

Well, it took me muy (spanish for abuncha) time but now I've kinda, sorta got my ETA (Escaping the Arroyo) facebook page up.  I had to change to timeline to do it. Man, I hate change.  It took the longest time to get me to use a microwave. 

They found the picture that I want to use at the Albuquerque Journal and now I just have to wait for permission from the editor to be allowed to publish it in my book.  In fact, that's kind of what is holding the book up.  Waiting for the picture.  Til Tuesday.  Then when I get it (if I get it) I've still got to send it to the Kindle formating guy.  I know, I know, I could do it myself and I'm sure that one day I will, but I'm learning too much stuff right now and my brain is running out of room.  Anyways, as soon as I get it formatted then I'm going to upload it on to Kindle and then, and then, Well, and then, I don't know.  But I'm excited to find out. 

I'm relatively sure that (still) no one is reading my blog but I will continue to publish it daily (if I can remember) as it makes me feel like I'm doing something positive.

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  1. I read it quite often. I liked your previous comment that you're only a household name at your house.