Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Lot Has Happened in a Month

It's been a little over a month since the book was first published on Kindle.  Then a couple of weeks later it came out in paperback.  In hindsight it all happened really fast.  But when it was happening, it all seemed so very slow.  I had no way to be patient.  Maybe I will be able to be more patient with the next book. 

I'm getting myself on the six year plan.  In six years I want to have sold a million copies.  Only about 17 authors have sold a million copies of one book so naturally I'm thinking I will be one of them.  Of course, at this point I'm not exactly a household name, except in my household, but I have confidence. 

Everyday I try to make a least one positive step towards my goal of selling a million.  Today was a rather weak day.  So far I have only added a new picture to my Goodreads author profile, connected this blog to the same author profile, and connected my facebook fanpage to my Goodreads account.  Plus I twittered about my paperback giveaway.  Plus I posted a picture of one of my fans reading the book on Facebook. 

Yep, it's all about social media.  I still have many other things to do towards that end but that will be on other days. 

There was a column written by Leslie Lithicum in the Albuquerque Journal about life imprisionment today.  I am going to respond to the column, not because I disagree with it but I want to give her my point of view.  I agree with the Parole Chief that life should mean life when a convicted murderer is sentenced.   I will post my letter here after I write it just in case the Albuquerque Journal does choose to publish it.

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