Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Joyce Nance Talks About her Book on Channel 13

On Wednesday, August 1, 2012, my book was featured on a section of Albuquerque's Channel 13 - 10 o'clock news with Amanda Goodman.  Wow!  The story came on about six minutes into the show.  Double wow!!  I wasn't even sure I'd get on, let alone so early.  I was shocked.

I went down to the station this afternoon and in a back studio with a camerman and Amanda she asked me everything she could think of to get enough footage to piece something together.  I think she did a great job.  I will put up a link to the clip when it becomes available.

Also today, Bookworks Bookstore on Rio Grande Blvd accepted the book into their store.  That is great as well. 

This book is one learning experience after another.  I am grateful that Colene allowed me to write about her experience.


  1. did you have Mr. Guzman permission to write this stuff. and also do you know all the facts, of course not, Colene only tells you what she wants. Well you might be facing a law suit. We are not going to allow her to tell only her side. There is two-sides to every story.

    1. None of the Guzman's family has given her permission to use there names In her book.

  2. I have to wonder if you really care about ms Bush or mr. Guzman. or are you doing this for monetary gain. You might have open up a monetary gain for Mr. Guzman Children, I think they will thank you.

  3. I feel really sorry for Ms. Bush, as well as Joyce Nance, believe it or not you are making it harder for this young lady. Colene is going to have to relive over and over in her mind, in her spirit, the true story of what really did happen that night. she is going to have to face her own demons as to what her part in that night. sure she hasn't told everything, now she has to really live with the facts; not as she told them but instead what led to this. You Ms. Nance have no idea what you are doing to this girl, and she has no idea what she has done to herself. All I can pray is "lord have Mercy"